3 Benefits To Having A Content Strategy

Content strategy is simple. It starts with the plan, which we develop into a schedule and implementation. Then, we carefully manage that plan to continually optimize it. We hone the words and images into a series of proven words and imagery that inspire our audience to act.

While the basic concept of content strategy is straightforward, we can also achieve these three important benefits.

1. Influence Action.

The most important benefit of content strategy is that it allows us to interact with our customers. By carefully crafting text and images, we connect with our target audience with the goal of attracting and retaining clients. We can also build a loyal following and inspire testimonials while increasing brand awareness and recognition. Content strategy is an influential force that affects decision-making on the most basic levels. Without influence, businesses have little hope of success. That’s why it’s so essential to become influential, but also to put into place contingency plans for mistakes or bad-PR situations. We must consider every possible scenario—both good and bad.

2. Save Time & Money.

Content strategy is also a way to save money and time. Too much time has already been wasted on the sometimes-haphazard implementation of content, without clear forethought or planning. A content strategy allows us to create a content marketing plan, and also determine the budget that will allow us to achieve our optimal goals. Content strategy also means that we can analyze and track the results so that we can change and improve upon the original plan. Down the line, we can then focus our time and expenditures on those strategies that are proven to work best. It also means that we can spin off specific content types and build upon our expertise and credibility. As our content strategy establishes us as experts, we can also garner deeper, more resilient, levels of trust.

3. Achieve Proven & Repeatable Results.

The ultimate goal of content strategy is to achieve positive direct-response results in the form of a sale or conversion, but a side effect is that continued tracking and analysis allow us to determine the content that’s most effective. That means that those positive results can be reproduced again both now and, in the future. That’s not only smart, it’s also a huge cost saving and advantage over competitors.

It’s easy enough to understand why content strategy is important, but why now? It doesn’t matter whether we’re just launching a startup, or we’ve been in business for 20 years. Content strategy will always be a value-added proposition. Beyond the initial, even immediate, positive results, the content strategy continues to evolve and improve as tracking and analytics offers further insight into what works best for specific audiences.

As we prove to our audiences that we can be trusted, the level of influence continues to grow, which is also why the best possible results don’t just happen overnight. We continue to focus on building, analyzing, and improving our content strategy to achieve the best results.