Achieve Maximum Space Manipulation During Video Production with These 3 Tricks

As a big fanatic of videos and videomaking, saying that illusion works a significant part in the making of films is an understatement. Safe to say, illusion is one of the critical elements that video production companies use when shooting videos. You even find that some of the early filmmakers considered themselves to be more of magicians than technicians. But then, they were not that far off too. Illusion forms just about every basis of video making. No matter which video content you intend to create. And that also greatly depends on the Live Production Company you hire to work on your video production.

The main magic trick that has been around for, perhaps, the longest time is space and how cinematic toolboxes work to manipulate it. To be more precise, we’re talking about the appearance of space. Making much bigger space out of nothing. With the right tools and expertise, any Live Production Company can alter its audiences’ perception of your location. However, the trick lies in knowing where to start and making the magic happen.

Luckily, you also get to learn one or two of the space manipulation tricks that video production companies have kept a secret for so long

  • The OTS illusion

Most people know now that some video production companies often work in very tight spaces. However, that has never deterred these companies from shooting some of the best video content of our time. Well, all you need to know is that you now have more options to choose from depending on what is happening in the shoot or scene. Say, for example, that the scene consists of two characters who are exchanging dialogue but in a limited space. For such a case, you can use an over-the-shoulder trickery to make the space appear larger than it actually is. How? You may ask.

Well, the trick lies in shooting one character’s OTS scene from one side of the room and shooting the other character’s as well from the opposite end of the same room. The key here is righting up against the wall or even working as close to it as you possibly can for each shot.

As you do this, you also want to ensure you don’t have both walls appearing in the same frame of the same shot. By this, you’ll be ensuring that your audience never knows what’s happening. However, this is an especially easy way to offset shooting videos in the tighter spaces. Also, you will be able to avoid having to deal with any catastrophic atmosphere that it may lead to. Your audience will never know what hit them. Call it a win-win for your video shoot and not having to hassle for a larger space elsewhere if you don’t have any lying around.

  • Cheat and fake

This is an especially amazing space manipulation strategy that works when all else fails. Well, you don’t have to bail anymore. Gone are the days when abandoning your project or production was also an option. The trick here is quite simple and straightforward. If the space you prefer to shoot your video from is too small, simply exit it and shoot from outside.

Say, for example, that you plan to shoot your video in a kitchen setting, but the space is just too small or cramped. In such a case, you could simply move the camera shooting the video outside and take the shot through a window or door. Okay, you might have to compromise on finding the right camera settings and all that being that you will be in two separate environments while shooting. But even so, it’s a great way of cheating space.

Plus, the same also goes for pulling off completely fake scenes as well. Think about it. Carefully working on shooting a scene from a more spacious environment but work to make the video appear as if you were shooting from somewhere else. This is how today’s videos, particularly entertainment movies are filmed nowadays. However, the key to pulling something like this off requires that you keep all the shots as close and tight as possible. This way, you will have a lot less work to do on faking the scene of the video. You get the idea.

  • Leverage the merits of limitations

Okay, so having limited space to work with doesn’t usually seem like an advantage. In many ways, it isn’t either. But then, circumstances may force you to work with the small space you have or even the store equipment or any other artistic problems that smaller spaces can create. Ideally, it becomes a lot difficult to see all these drawbacks as a plus.

But then again, in many ways, you can leverage the issue of the small space to your advantage in some ways. Essentially, it’s true that limited space also limits your control over the lighting too as you may not be able to use the relevant equipment to bring your vision to life. However, this can also mean that even the little light can go a long way. By this, you, therefore, have to work with the tools you have and can use in the small space. Bounce backs and flags, for example, work excellently with light, especially in tight spaces.

Ideally, you will have to be very strategic and precise in the whole video shooting process. But the fact that it’s absolutely possible is something else.

Plus, you find that there are other plenty of options that you can use to get more light into the tighter spaces today. Think of the smaller LED lights and other light equipment like that. The bottom line here is that you can always make the smaller space also work to your advantage. And that’s especially when it comes to lighting. There’s no reason why you must just work in a larger space when you don’t have that space at the time. A good Live Production Company will know how to capitalize on the little space it has at its disposal.

Final thoughts

From the above context, it is evident that you can now achieve a lot more video production from small spaces than you ever could before. Therefore, go for the Live Production Company that strives not to let limited space limit the potential of your project. There’s a good chance that you will find a Live Production Company that has the right equipment to make magic with the space you have. That being said, good luck!