Blade Laptop Review and Which One to Buy

Razer’s laptops are for those that are really into gaming. They have strong processors that can handle any high end graphic MMO game that comes along the way. It can also process games like the PC version of Skyrim – every guy's gamer’s dream. However, it is one of the few laptop games in the market that can perform so well – Maybe you should start thinking a Razer laptop to satisfy your gaming needs.

First, let’s compare the pros of the Blade Laptop. This one is the stealth laptop. It is made out of power and speed. Comprising of CNC aluminium and a QHD display to gain an upper edge, it also has its own personalized Chroma keyboard. It is designed to appeal to everyone from professionals and gamers. It also has a keyboard that changes light to suit the eye from time and time. It also has a GPU Thunderbolt 3 port and it also supports the 4K display. You just need to buy the right graphics card to get booming away on your new Full HD display.

Cons of the laptop: This laptop battery runs out pretty fast. The system only lasts about 6 hours on the battery text and the results are like below average for a notebook. The keyboards are also not that pretty to the eye.

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Second pro of the laptop. The blade laptop makes it perfect for gaming and it is one of the slimmest VR-ready laptop on the market. It also has an Intel core i7 processor and a 6GB RAM with full HD display. During the gaming process, the GPU will deliver frame rates of over 60 frames per second. Blade is suitable for gamers that want the full experience of gaming and yet do not want to chalk up a lot of space for a desktop gaming computer. Try searching on Amazon if you need the computer as it usually runs out of stock real fast.

Cons of the laptop: The speakers of this laptop aren’t as loud as expected, so make sure you buy your own Sony headsets or external speakers on hand. The display is not as bright as expected and the keyboard is not very comfortable.

Pros of the laptop: The latest Blade laptop has a 4K NVIDIA display with a certified audio branded THX. There is also a RAM of 32 GB. Razer also has an i7 core, while everyone is hoping soon there will be a release of i9. Blade Pro also supports VR. The laptop is made to rule the world, whether its music, video or gaming.

Cons of the laptop: It is very costly to buy this laptop. Only gamers and professionals should want to use this laptop. However, those on the low budget should reconsider a smaller version. This should be the main concern if the users can't afford to buy the full version of the Blade laptop. The smaller version is cheaper and it also has the main specs of the premium version.