Investigating the Rise of Technology in Texas

Since the dawn of the high-tech business, the United States has been one of the top nations for innovation within the industry. The early beginnings in both invention and production within tech can be traced back to the heyday of American manufacturing. While traditionally the technology hub in the USA has been located in California’s Silicon Valley, that lead is beginning to diminish as other areas are beginning to rise. One of the fastest-growing technology hubs in the USA is one of the country’s biggest states: Texas. Texas has seen major growth in technology jobs, especially in the major cities of Dallas and Austin and it is projected to become one of the top areas in the country for tech. As the future continues forward, it will be interesting to see how Texas burgeons as a technology region.

Acknowledging Texas’ Startup Scene

While there are many major tech companies that have a presence in Texas, one of the state’s most prolific and booming industries is its startup scene. Every day dozens of new startups are being created in Texas, leading to a huge increase in the tech industries. Companies like RigUp, Vinli, and others are truly showing how Texas can and will grow throughout the years to come.

Increase in Tech Infrastructure

Another reason why technology in Texas has grown so rapidly is due to the state’s commitment to increasing technological infrastructure. Cities like Dallas are leading the charge in this field as the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s infrastructure has truly blossomed in the past decade. They have invested money into environmental sensors and “smart” streetlights in an effort to decrease the amount of damage done to the environment. The city’s airport has also increased its infrastructure to include “smart glass” which regulates the temperature and amount of sunlight. There is also a parking service at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport that has made life easier for all people coming to and leaving the city.

Noting Why Texas is Becoming a Tech Hub

While you may now understand how Texas is becoming a major technology hub, understanding why this is occurring in this location is just as important. Texas is a very different area than Silicon Valley in a multitude of ways, and at first thought you may not have considered that Texas would be a great place for technology to boom. However, the reasons that make it so different from Silicon Valley are what has made it thrive. Its lower cost of housing and living compared to the Bay Area (which is the country’s most expensive place to live), and its large land mass allows everyone from Google to a local startup to have a place in this great state.

Final Thoughts

While Texas may often be associated with cowboys and vast deserts, the 21st century has certainly seen a change in that reputation. The startup scene, the investment in infrastructure and the lower cost of living and housing in Texas has led to its major growth as a tech hub. Texas has become an incredible place for technology to burgeon and grow and will only continue to do so as the future comes.