Logo Making Tools for Beginners

It is tough for beginner designers to directly work on any professional logo designing tools like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. It would be an appropriate option if one should start with the online logo making tool and begin with the customization to learn the tactics that are used to create a unique piece.

For all the beginner designers, here are some amazing online logo making tools that you can get your hands on, before proceeding to any of the professional designing tools.


Canva is one most common and most popular online logo making tool that all the designers are aware of. This platform is quite famous because of the collection of templates that Canva offers to its users. There is an immense collection of the templates available at Canva that the user can select from to create their designs. There are paid templates as well as hundreds of unpaid templates available. Users can select any template and customize it to create logos, business cards, banners, flyers, and even social media pictures.

If you are a beginner, then Canva would be the right option for you to start your work.


UCraft is also one of the most astounding online logos designing tool for the beginners. Users can easily access this platform and create a vast variety of fantastic designs by using an extensive library of shapes, icons, font styles, and color palette.

After designing your logo, you can easily download the .PNG file that is totally free of cost. Whereas many online logo making tools cost you some fees for downloading a high-resolution file, UCraft allows its users to download them for free. So, beginner designers this is a golden offer for you, use your creative mind to customize and design the logos and also download them without paying a single buck!


It is way too easy to create any logo on Logaster. This online logo making tool is the best option for all the beginner designers to build their impressive portfolio. You only have to follow the four easy steps in order to get your logo perfectly designed. The first step is to enter the name of the company whose logo you are willing to develop. Logaster will offer you a variety of samples to select from to proceed with your work. After choosing the appropriate design, you can start customizing it, to make it a unique design, by adding different colors and font styles to it. Once you are done with the customizing part, download the small-sized image of your logo. If you wish to download the high-resolution image of your logo, then you have to pay a small fee to get it.