Public School Maintenance Solutions

Are you trying to run a school, or schools and you find yourself bogged down with maintenance requests that you seem to have no good way to track? Are you struggling to manage your maintenance operations, including running general scheduled and preventative maintenance? A commercial maintenance management software may be just the thing you need to help you streamline your maintenance operations.

A commercial building maintenance software gives you full control over your maintenance operations. This type of software isn't new to the public school system. Schools, school districts and universities have been using maintenance management software to manage facilities, campus housing and maintenance operations for years. It's a hidden gem for school building maintenance.

School buildings and administrative offices need assistance to perform various actions such as track assets, manage labor and parts, service HVAC systems, plumbing repairs and electrical work. You will be able to take inventory and keep track of items like keys. These software products often have a mobile app, so you can keep track of everything from your mobile device or tablet. You will also be able to generate reports for one or multiple sites, or even an entire organization. These reports can help prove compliancy in various areas, such as, fire and safety regulations, environmental protection and American Disability Act (ADA) requirements, just to name a few.

Management software can remind you of regular scheduled maintenance for your building. It can also help you track any emergency maintenance that crops up. Some of the other capabilities this software can provide are a dashboard interface that allows you to see everything you need in one place. Some of this software provides you with interactive floor plans of your school or building. You are able to assign managers to specific buildings, or parts of a building. You will actually be able to track your inventory online. How many times have you thought you had a part only to find out you didn't because your manual tracking system didn't work? Management software allows you to have complete work order from creation to completion. You can also see a full history of the work order. You will also be able to create guest users and allow them to place work requests.

This type of management software is beneficial in other ways, too. It can help you save time and money in ways you probably haven't considered. You will be able to reduce labor costs because you will have a clear understanding of the maintenance your building needs. You can create better processes and with the transparency this system allows, everyone will be able to see and understand them. Your equipment will last longer because it will get the regular maintenance it needs instead of falling prey to reactionary maintenance. This software allows you to spend less time on maintenance and more time on education and providing a learning environment where your students can grow.