The Qualities of the Exceptional Manager

The paradox lies in the fact that few officials are really bad, to the point of putting their team back. I have the memory of having worked with a manager who managed a team in the company to see all his team asked the management to dismiss him outright. It is to tell you how much this manager did not have the "level" and suffered serious relational gaps. A tiny handful of team leaders are really good, they exist, but they remain exceptions. If you work with this type of leader, realize how lucky you are.

As far as I am concerned, to intervene regularly in the company and to accompany managers in their positions, I think that there is real room for improvement. If you do show any or all of these symptoms below, well done.

Check the Signs that Show you are an Excellent Manager

  • Pay your employees at their fair value: What you, "lose," invest financially on one side, you recover regarding performance and benefits. Have time to discuss your experiences, tips with your team. Aspire to become a coach. No paternalism, but simply the employees learn from those who are generous enough to build skills.
  • Be honest with your staff, even for the bad news: No talk, they will be grateful to you for not hiding the truth. Cash in for your troops and share with them the rewards and congratulations. You must be humble and have the courage to absorb the stress returned by your hierarchy. And that's what exceptional managers do.
  • Delegate responsibilities but not tasks: All the managers’ delegate, but the worst of the managers believe that to delegate means to do the most ungrateful tasks to their team. Good managers delegate and teach their employees, tasks like how to use touch screen monitors, and also to be responsible for their actions.
  • Encourage employees to develop their talents and challenge them to get out of their comfort zones to solve their difficulties.