Using Twitter to Promote Your Church

Throughout the 21st century, there have been an innumerable amount of technological advances. From smartwatches to Bluetooth to energy saving thermostats, there is no end in sight for the new technologies that can be produced. The majority of these technologies have been able to be created due to the increase in high-speed Internet being widely available around the world. Many of these technologies are used to better society in a myriad of ways. One of these advanced Internet-based technologies is social media. Social media is a tech that has completely altered the way in which the world works and the way in which people interact with one another. While there are many different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and more, they are all needed for people as well as establishments.

One establishment that can greatly benefit from social media, especially Twitter, is the church. While churches are generally seen as stuck in the past by modern society, in today’s day and age it is imperative that all religious institutions have a presence on social media. This is to build up their church’s following, as well as to inspire new members. While other social media outlets are great and necessary for churches, Twitter is probably the most useful ally for all churches. Read below to learn about how to use Twitter for your church.

Inspiration to Increase Church Following

The main use for Twitter for churches is to increase the parish’s following through inspiring tweets. While there are numerous ways to use your Twitter to promote your church, one incredible way to inspire your page viewers is by putting out daily bible reading reminders. It is important to regularly update your Twitter account to keep your followers interested and bible readings are a great way to keep people engaged. You should also be posting promotional graphics and tweets about church events, holidays, and sermon quotes in order to truly captivate your audience and have them love your church!

Promote Donation 

Outside of inspiring your Twitter followers, your church’s Twitter page should also be used to promote donations. Times are tough and while some people are struggling financially, you need to ensure that your church does not fall to hard times. This is why promoting donation is so imperative. You can tweet about options for people to donate, either through online or in-person donation. You can choose to promote calls for specific donations, such as for new church chairs or for repairs to the church. No matter what you end up choosing, people will be thrilled that you are engaging with them and will be more than happy to help out.

Final Thoughts

While oftentimes churches are seen as entities that are stuck in the past and use antiquated techniques, it is important to break that stereotype in order to have a successful church. As you try to make your church more relevant, remember to utilize Twitter in order to do the best job possible. As long as you make inspiring Tweets and remember to ask for church donations, your church’s Twitter account should be great in no time at all!