What to Look for In A Good Online Shopping Cart?

An amazing shopping cart is one feature a good e-commerce website is meant to properly focus on. But unfortunately, most of them don’t. Some of them have been using that same tired shopping cart for several years which forces users to pass through unnecessary steps or steadily forces them to keep on repeating steps whenever they include new products.

Most shopping carts are too confusing, causing shoppers to simply leave. E-commerce is a peculiar niche which comes with its personal set of problems, however, your cart does not have to be among them. Work with a professional web design team to make sure that your users have an experience whichresults in sales, and not abandoned carts. You can take a careful look at sites like Itsnerd.ca who sells different innovative gadgets to see the beauty of a good e-commerce site.

Now, let’s talk about some feature you should look out for in a good online shopping cart.

#1: Ability to ViewWhat Is in Your Bag/Cart

Irrespective of what it may be called, the very top quality your online shopping bag or cart should possess is that your clients should be able toview the items in them properly even while they go about browsing. There are several ways to do this.

A simple small pop up can indicate the item has been included then take the customer back to the main website so they could keep on browsing. A simpler way of doing this is byhaving the cart appear clearly at the very top of the site, with a particular number showing the number of items or the sum total ofthe amount spent.Provide your customer with a choice and avoid taking them directly to the very end of their shopping experience. Provide them with the power to decidewhen to end their shopping. A great shopping cart doesn’t take the “end shopping”option away from them.

#2: Photos

A good online shopping cart can replicate the grocery or mall experience by including photos to the shopping cart of selected items. This act as a little reminder to the clients of what they have already and is also a good visual stimulation which helps insimulating the shopping experience.

Part of a good shopping experience is really staring over your purchase. In an e-commerce setting, that part is normally delayed until allshipments arrive.

#3: Shipping Options

Nothing frustrates a client more than staying with nochoice. Soensure you always provide them good shipping choices once they get to the shopping cart. Most successful e-commerce businesses are made to standardon overnight shipping.